Imaginary Science -Works on Paper

The Imaginary Science Series reflects an interest in botanical and cellular imagery, reclaiming historically feminine practices like embroidery and watercolour painting. Exploring the space between art and craft, and the use of intensive hand-made processes, the work uses hybrid forms to articulate an imaginary science.

The works on paper are made with watercolour and ink on paper, using fine detail brushes, nib pens and watercolour washes.  Imagined life forms are created from the influence of Australian and European flora, at once botanical and bodily, creating imaginative hybrids and abstract shapes that are joined together through repetition and pattern. Influences are wide ranging, including the work of James T Merry, Louise Bourgeois and contemporary fashion and design.

Points of departure are watercolour and embroidery practices in history, used as a means of control and construction of feminine ideals. Works on paper and embroideries present images, shapes and line work, creating layered, patterned and textural work. Colour relationships are often tonal with the use of painterly techniques, under scored by a descriptive drawing practice.

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