Exhibition at St Heliers Street

The exhibition at St Heliers Street Gallery at the Abbotsford convent in February 2012 featured a series of swarm portraits and works on paper. This exhibition is part of an ongoing project, which depicts swarms of insects and botanical specimens arranged as portraits.


Bright lolly colours and pastel hues in the swarm paintings contrast earthy, pelt-like tones in Swarm Portrait 01 and Swarm Portrait 03. In some works the insects are swarming, in others they collect in whimsical groupings. Delicate line work contrasts areas of block colour; faces emerge and recede. Swarm Portrait 03 is a finalist in the Clayton Utz Launch Art Award 2012, held in Brisbane. The painting references the optical effects of camouflage, and the interaction between representational and abstract forms.






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