MFA Exhibition 2009 Installation Shots

The MFA work was installed a number of times; these images are from three key exhibitions during the MFA project.  The first exhibition was at the Postgraduate Gallery at VCAM and included the Mask Series, the clusters Camouflage Landscape 1 and Camouflage Landscape 2, the Mask painting and the Camouflage Birds installation.  The second exhibition was at c3 contemporary art space and the third was at the VCAM Graduate Exhibition.   Each time the work was installed it changed slightly depending on the progression of the work and the physical space of the gallery.  


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  • Mask Series (detail) and Mask -
  • Camouflage Landscape 01 and Mask Series (detail) -
  • Mask Series  -
  • Camouflage Landscape 02 -
  • Camouflage Birds -
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